Playing the violin - one of your biggest dreams?

Let me support you and your child in making this dream come true!


I am a freelance violinist and orchestral musician. In addition to my degree I am an officially certified Swiss adult educator and have relevant professional experience in teaching both kids and adults.



Playing the violin is more than a technically flawless exercise. Playing the violin involves your emotions and body and has the power to directly speak to your heart and soul. To activate your subconscious resources is equally as important as the conscious studying of partitions and fingerings. For we know that using all of our human senses not only is an integral part of increasing learning outcomes but also improves our overall physical wellbeing, thus being the number one condition for successful learning. 

To celebrate a small victory in your learning process is just as vital as accepting a setback on your way of becoming a sensitive and sound violinist - as long as you keep playing!

I am looking forward to accompanying you on that exciting journey!



I teach both beginners and advanced students. My violin lessons are adapted to your individual needs and objectives. Together we will lay the foundations necessary for reaching your goals: we will train your musical hearing and reading, your sense of rhythm and finger- and bow technique and work on harmony, interplay and improvisation. 

Due to my background and wide-ranging experience I can train you in both classical and modern violin playing. 


60 minutes lessons usually take place once a week and and are held close to the centre of Munich (postal code 81677). If desired, flexible teaching arrangements can be made also. For example, I can come to your home to teach you or your child. I will have to charge for the extra time and costs involved.



I usually teach in German but am happy to combine your violin lessons with any of the following languages: English, French, Italian and/or Spanish.



Thanks to many years of performing and teaching in Switzerland, Germany and other countries such as China, India, the US and several European countries I have accumulated a vast experience in working with both individuals and groups of any age and have been able to adapt and enrich my teaching methods by both depth and greater variety. 



 Please contact me via the embedded contact form (CONTACT) for questions about prices and conditions or for a trial lesson so that we can get to know each other. This is how I can best evaluate your personal wishes and ideas concerning individual violin lessons for you or your child. Please indicate your name and a phone number where I can reach you during working days. I will contact you as soon as I get your message. Thanks!



If you have no violin to play on, no problem!

I can offer students a good violin on very favorable terms for both a definite or an indefinite time, including bow, case and music stand. If you want to hire or buy your own violin from a local violin maker, I warmly recommend you the following links: